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Interview with Heather Crosby author of YumUniverse Pantry to Plate

Interview with Heather Crosby author of YumUniverse Pantry to Plate

We are so excited to welcome Heather Crosby to the blog for an interview and a recipe from her newest book, Pantry to Plate. The book uses templates which can be used to create an endless number of recipes. Following our interview with Heather, check out Anna’s summary of recipes that she made, and then the recipe for Bourbon Salted Chocolate Pecan Cluster Nice Cream.

Jackfruit Nachos by Tess Challis

Jackfruit Nachos by Tess Challis

We welcome one of our favorite recipe contributors, Tess Challis, back to the blog to share her jackfruit nachos recipe with all of you. Savory shredded jackfruit and a zippy cheese sauce meet crunchy tortilla chips and fresh veggies for an easy and satisfying nacho recipe.

Interview with Paula Ansell of Just Soul Food

Interview with Paula Ansell of Just Soul Food

This week we welcome Paula Ansell of Just Soul Food. Paula is a dedicated raw gluten-free vegan living in Powell...

Jackfruit Crabless Cakes

These jackfruit-based crabless cakes are ridiculously tasty and will have you wiping your (slightly) greasy fingers on your jeans in just 30 minutes.


Happy clients sent some amazing feedback about Anna's work.
  • Anna's work has always amazed me! She is one of the best photographers I've worked with so far. She has a natural eye for colour and contrast and captures some of the best angles of food. Anna can make a simple slice of chocolate cake look like the most decadent dessert on the menu! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get professional magazine worthy pictures of their food creations!
    Sara BhollaVogue Cakes
  • I cannot recommend Anna Pelzer enough! Not only does she create breathtakingly lovely food photos, she's also able to recreate recipes herself, which makes my life much easier, as she can snap pics of my recipes from thousands of miles away! Her food styling abilities are excellent as well. And on top of all that, she's a sheer joy to work with!
    Tess ChallisFive-time cookbook author, vegan chef, and wellness coach
  • We loved collaborating with Anna. She was easy and professional to work with and was able to drive engagement and brand awareness for our clients with measurable results through her stunning photography. We are eager to work with Anna again!
    Lindsay O'DonnellCo-Founder & Marketing Director, Piquant Marketing
  • We loved the beautiful photos Anna took of our products. She knew how to showcase and present it in an appetizing and beautiful way. We would be happy to work with her on more food photography in the future!

Recipe Recreation & Food Photography

Herbed Cheese

Recipe recreation - Herbed Cheese by Vegan on the GO!



Recipe recreation from the cookbook Vegan Bowl Attack - ramekins with cashew-based ranch dressing & veggies arranged into bouquets!

Cucumber rolls by Anna Pelzer - from our upcoming free ebook